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Sonic Composite Testing for todays fiberglass materials


Aircraft & Marine Composite Testing designed and developed a new way to test marine and aircraft fiberglass structures using our Sonic Flaw detection system.  This new technology was developed in conjunction with composite repair professionals to help determine where composite delamination, cracking and core bond adhesion issues were present. Get in touch today to learn more.

Hull, Decks, Structure- Delamination, Core issues and Flaw Detection 

We have designed and developed a multi-step Composite Flaw Detection process using machines we have designed in-house to identify repair areas. We first starting using this technogy to identify weak spots on high end yachts due to their wave slamming loads and the significant wave impacts these yachts take at sea.

Hull Slamming 2.jpg
Rotor Balde 2.jpg

Aircraft and Aerospace Composite Testing

Our technology and process can be used to test carbon fiber, e-glass, s-glass and a whole range of fiberglass structures and materials on aircraft.

From rotor blades to fuselages on airplanes and aerospace equipment and componesnts, our machines can help to identify weak composite bonds, cracking and delamination.


118 Overlook Drive, Riverhead, NY 11901

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